Online Psychotherapy

Work has taken you outside of yourself again.

You’ve stared at so many different screens today that you can’t even remember what you saw where. It’s like the information is floating all around your disembodied head.

You know you need to get back inside yourself, but that only seems to happen on the weekend, and it’s Monday! Long day. Long week.

Working with an Online Therapist Can be as Effective as In-Person Therapy

Perhaps it seems counterintuitive to come back to yourself through yet another screen, but working somatically and empathically with an online psychotherapist can bring great relief.

Online therapy is conducted through a HIPAA-protected, completely secure platform.

Our sessions will be just as private and confidential as if you were in my psychotherapy office. Please read more about how online psychotherapy can help you in my recently published article at

Life Goes by in a Nanosecond

You could work your way through your whole life. You could!

I’d rather help you savor the rich beauty that this world has to offer you when you can allow yourself to slow down enough to get to know who you really are. Life can be a rich and amazing experience, and you deserve to enjoy every moment of it!


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