Somatic Psychotherapy

“The body does not lie” – George Graham”

This quote is often misattributed to famous modern dancer Martha Graham, though it was her father, psychologist George Graham, who first said it when he caught young Martha stealing a cookie from the cookie jar.

She said she had not taken it, but her shuffling feet and shaking hands betrayed her and led him to make this profound statement.

This is the basic premise behind somatic psychotherapy. The reason I include this vital process in my practice is because it provides immediate access to the truth.

The mind is a fantastic thing.

It can rationalize, protect, and defend the parts of the self that are not yet ready to face the truth – for a lifetime even. It can trick us into believing anything. It can perform and talk itself through the same circles, over and over again.

I will assist you in accessing the body’s wisdom in order to hear your true, authentic voice underneath the chatter of the mind.

This approach helps you move closer to your truth, more effectively.

If your feet could talk, what would they say?

In session a client was talking about an upcoming move. As she did so, her feet pulled off the floor, one on its outside edge and the other resting on it.

I asked her, “What would it be like to plant both of your feet down firmly onto the ground? Where would you feel safe enough to do that?”

Her eyes widened as she quickly became aware of her feet and put them down flatly on the ground. Then she teared up and said, “Nowhere. Nowhere…”

This simple movement intervention has been the basis of our continued work together.

“The feet are the foundation” – B.K.S. Iyengar

My feet are firmly planted in incorporating the body into my work with you. I am constantly mystified and awed by the power and beauty of this process.

Want to know the secrets your body holds?

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